Specialized Exercise & Exercise is Medicine

What is Specialized Exercise Therapy?

Exercise therapy is a regimen or plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals. Its purpose is to restore normal musculoskeletal function or to reduce pain caused by diseases or injuries.

Exercise training or therapy can take many different forms. For some people, it may be moving more and sitting less, and for others it may mean getting on a bike, jogging or lifting weights. Each injury or movement dysfunction is different. This means that every individual being prescribed exercise will have an exercise program specific to that individual. The ultimate goal is to use specialized physical activity to improve health, function and overall well-being.

If you are a new client looking to attend our Physiotherapy Rehabilitation classes (Core Connect, Pilates, Bonefit and GLA;D) at EPA or GWHA, as required by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, a 40-60 minute Physiotherapy Assessment will be necessary prior to joining the class. This Assessment will screen you to ensure you can safely participate in the class, meet eligibility criteria and discuss your goals. (An assessment fee will apply).

If you are a current client (who has already had an Assessment) looking to attend our Physiotherapy Rehabilitation classes (Core Connect, Pilates, Bonefit and GLA;D), you MAY have to attend a 20-40 min Physiotherapy Pre-Screening appointment (for Pilates and Core Connect only).  This Pre-screening will determine your eligibility and ensure you can safely participate and discuss your goals.  If you hope to return to a class for an additional block of sessions, another 20min Pre-Screening is required to determine appropriateness.

Pelvic Core Connect Group Class

 The Pelvic Core Connect is a group exercise class that is for anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction (urinary leakage, pelvic heaviness/pressure) and who would like to participate in a group exercise class. 

The Pelvic Core Connect class will help you become more aware of your whole pelvic girdle. and learn:

  • how to connect the pelvic floor with other core muscles during exercise.
  • how to up-train your weaker core muscles
  • how to down-train your dominant/tense muscles

All while gaining a better connection with your body’s foundation – your PELVIS!

The Pelvic Core Connect Class is a group class that runs for

6 weeks 2 classes/week

It is designed to help you on your Path to Improved Health and return to your favourite activities without any pelvic floor dysfunction concerns.  

Call us today to book your spot in the Pelvic Core Connect Class! 

The Pelvic Core Connect Class is offered at the following EPA Locations: 


We are pleased to offer the GLA:D™ specialized exercise program for the treatment, both preventatively, pre-surgery and post-surgery for hip and knee osteoarthritis.GLA:D™ Canada is an education and exercise program for those with stiff and/or painful knees and/or hips or those with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis.

GLA:D™ participants report less pain, reduced use of painkillers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active.

EPA’s Certified Therapists are here to lead you on. How to learn to control your movements and proper posture, build muscular strength through functional exercises and educate on how to apply these exercises to everyday activities. 

To learn more about GLAD visit click here.

The GLAD program is offered at the following EPA Locations: 


BONEFIT is a specialized exercise program to target BONE LOSS . For over 20 years, EPA has also researched and developed a unique exercise approach to Osteoporosis.  Many of our sites also have “BONEFIT” certified instructors to complement our own program.

To learn more about the osteoporosis program view Brochure

The BONEFIT program is offered at the following EPA Locations: 

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The Enhanced Physiotherapy Program offered at Eramosa Physiotherapy is a program offered to current physiotherapy clients who their Physiotherapist feels would benefit from a supervised, dedicated exercise session to enhance their progress. It is a guided 1 on 1 exercise session with a Clinician specializing in exercise, supervised by your Physiotherapist.

The frequency and duration of these sessions are individualized to the needs of each client as recommended by their Physiotherapist and can range typically from 20-40 min of time in addition to their regular physiotherapy session.

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The Enhanced Physiotherapy program is offered at the following EPA Locations: 

SAFE Program- Strengthening for Arthritis & Fall Prevention Exercise Program

SAFE offers an active solution that is mastered in the clinic and taken away as a home or gym-based program.  The exercises target people who are at risk for Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Falls.  This program can also be a confidence-building bridge for other clients who already attending physiotherapy that has been recommended to strengthen their core, hips and/or knees as a primary goal to treat their condition. 

Clients are directly supervised by our Registered Kinesiologists, twice a week for 40–60-minute sessions, where it may be appropriate to work in conjunction with our Registered Physiotherapists. 

SAFE exercises feature “neuromuscular training” – where exercises are functional with the goal of making everyday tasks like going up or down stairs EASY!

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The Enhanced Physiotherapy program is offered at the following EPA Locations:

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PHYSIO PILATES: a specialized exercise program to target low back and hip pain, core stability and posture

The low back is the second most common area that is treated at EPA sites.  Low back pain can come from a variety of sources, with the treatment uniquely targeting these different sources.  One treatment that is consistent with low back is exercise, specifically a targeted core stability exercise program. Core stability exercises can be varied, but several EPA sites uniquely add Physiotherapy Pilates to their core stability programming.

For more information see here View Brochure.

GOLF PHYSIOTHERAPY PROGRAM – a specialized assessment and exercise approach that targets your pain and improves your golf swing

Using the experience of seasoned physiotherapists, a physiotherapy assessment is combined with the assessment of a golf assessment through the TPI evaluation.

For more information see the golf brochure here.

Golf Physio