Clarifying Your Injury/Complaint

The initial assessment is an integral step in Your Path to Improved Health.
This is your opportunity to discuss your reason for visiting our facility, and a chance to meet your professional, skilled physiotherapist. Our process includes:

  • A detailed review of what brings you to the clinic
  • A full physical examination that may include range of motion, strength and other specialized tests (this may require you to wear shorts or a gown for better visibility)
  • An outline of our findings, presented at the end of your assessment, which explains your treatment plan, describes the timeline involved for recovery and discusses any outstanding concerns

Symptoms may include, but are not limited to:

Collaborative Healthcare Approach

This unique collaborative healthcare step pools all of your information so we can provide you with the most accurate Path to Improved Health.

With your permission, we inform your family physician about your proposed treatment and if necessary, make recommendations regarding returning to work or the need for further investigative tests, such as x-rays. We are also open to communicating with alternative healthcare providers, such as sports coaches and personal trainers, that you may be working with. This communication enhances the quality of your treatment, ensures the use of appropriate resources and reduces your need to facilitate the transfer of information to your healthcare practitioner.
GLAD Exercise Pro

Treatment to Improve Your Health

After your initial assessment, your treatment begins in a modern facility with a fully-equipped gym. Treatments primarily consist of research-based supervised exercise and hands-on therapy provided exclusively by your skilled physiotherapist.

While people often experience immediate pain relief, it is not uncommon for an exercise-based approach to increase short-term pain. In addition to manual therapy, we also offer research-based pain-relieving modalities, including Ultrasound, Laser, Interferential Current, Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation, Acupuncture, Moist Heat and Cryotherapy (ice).

Our treatment strives to meet your goals, give you independence and always involves an individualized home exercise program. We will provide, at no extra charge, tools like resistive elastic bands and tape, or suggest other common household items to carry out your program. We develop plans for any joint or muscle complaint and also offer specialized programs for the treatment of shoulder, knee and low back pain.

Treatments are scheduled at convenient times, with early morning and late evening appointments available to help minimize disruption to your schedule.

Discharge Review

Upon completion of Your Path to Improved Health you will receive a home-based exercise program as a tool for you to further manage and prevent your injury from reoccurring. Your primary healthcare provider will also receive an overview of any changes, improvement of pain and overall function.

Discharge Review Peak

We want you to remain at the peak of Your Path to Improved Health and will check on your progress after you have been discharged from the clinic. You will receive a follow-up letter from our clinic. Should your injury recur, or if you would like to have another concern addressed, you can return to the clinic at your convenience.