National Physiotherapy Month Contest

We are challenging you to get moving & we will reward your efforts.

Step Challenge!

May 20th-26th

1st Place Prize: A Bike

2nd Place Prize: Fitbit

3rd Place Prize: Yoga & Massage Package



  • Each clinic recruits staff and clients to track their walking or converted step activity over the week of:
  • It isn’t a clinic that wins, but rather an individual, so everyone has a fair chance

Sunday May 20 To Saturday May 26 at midnight.

  •  Clients/Staff will bring into their clinic or email proof of their activity.  These could be done through:
    • Manual log tracking (honour system)
    • Pictures of a device that has logged activity that shows dates
    • Screenshots of an app that tracks activity daily/weekly over that period
    • Really anyway that have tracked it for the week
  • Each clinic will receive the entries Monday and Tuesday, May 28 and 29.
  •  The winner(s) will be contacted and announced through our social media channels.
  • Conversion:

This is the resource that we will use to convert your favourite activity to STEPS:

We want to keep you moving over the whole month of MAY and think of your physiotherapists.