We are Hiring! Full time physiotherapist positions

  1. Elora:


  1. Georgetown:


  1. Guelph:
    • Bullfrog:
      1. Fulltime pure orthopaedic physiotherapist
      2. Fulltime mixed pelvic orthopaedic physiotherapist
  • Health and Performance Centre located on campus at University of Guelph
    1. Fulltime orthopaedic physiotherapist
      1. Sporting and volunteering in the community interest
    2. Contact: blyons@uoguelph.ca
  • Guelph Women’s Health Associates (south end of Guelph)
    1. Unique multi-disciplinary clinic
    2. Fulltime mixed pelvic orthopaedic physiotherapist


  1. Orangeville:
    • Fulltime preferred mixed pelvic orthopaedic physiotherapist
    • Maternity leave position
    • Contact: brent@eramosaphysio.com



All candidates with an interest in pelvic physiotherapy will have their initial Level 1 course funded outside of their educational allowance. (or receive reimbursement for a completed course upon hiring)