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U of G Human Anatomy

About the Human Anatomy Program

At the University of Guelph, we offer Canada’s largest hands-on undergraduate human anatomy program, giving students the enriching opportunity to learn from human cadavers through dissection and prosection-based courses.

Many of our students describe their time in the human anatomy program as a powerful, life-changing learning experience that forms the foundation of future learning in health sciences. We also know that this unique program gives our students an essential advantage when it comes to pursuing their careers.

Human Anatomy Outreach Program
The University of Guelph is also unique in opening our Human Anatomy facilities to high school and college students engaged in related studies, and to approximately 1,650 college and health-care professionals each year. Short courses and workshops are designed and led by upper-year advanced anatomy students, with support from faculty and staff members. We also host numerous community events to share knowledge of the human body as widely as possible.

Body Donation Program
In 2006, the University of Guelph established a human body donation program to reduce its reliance on a limited supply of cadavers from medical schools. Our donation program has been a great success, despite an overall decline in the number of full-body donations in Canada. This year, for the first time, all 22 bodies being studied were donated directly to U of G. The university currently has a list of over 300 donors who intend to donate their bodies to the program. Our undergraduate human anatomy program fosters profound respect for the donors, and deep appreciation for such a transformational educational opportunity. Each spring, the extended Human Anatomy family gathers to thank donors and their families for this gift of learning in a “Celebration of Life and Learning”.

It is our top priority to ensure that the unique and highly valued Human Anatomy Program is self-sufficient and sustainable. We want to remain the best human anatomy program in Canada. By creating more space for human anatomy, we will continue to develop our program alongside the growth of our reputation.

A Human Anatomy Learning Centre will not only facilitate program growth by increasing our capacity to teach, it will also support our expanding laboratory needs, all while continuing to create innovative learning opportunities. Increased space also means we can provide a transformative learning experience to even more students and community members.

Your financial donation to the new Human Anatomy Learning Centre will give more students a transformative experience.

For more information, please visit Giving for Life: A Campaign for the Human Anatomy Learning Centre

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