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Bona Fide Requirement Physical Demands tests (POET)

40-45 minutes of essential physical testing to job match for predetermined Physical Demands Analysis.

  • Clearly identifies job matching capabilities
  • No physiotherapy screening

Used predominantly for post offer employment testing to ensure candidates are capable of the essential physical demands of their future employment.

Clinical research supports that these screens reduce future risk of injury.

2. Comprehensive Functional Abilities Evaluation:

Option A EPA-FAE:
  • Requires 3-5 hours to complete
  • Can be booked within one weeks notice and is available at all EPA sites
  • Using standardized protocols and equipment provided by Metriks Education to determine current functional status through progressive functional dynamic testing
  • Typically used when monitoring for consistency of effort is necessary
  • Physiotherapy Screen is included
  • Identifies impairments, outlines return to work capabilities
  • Comprehensive Reporting generated at the completion of testing
Option B – computerized Hanoun System
  • Hanoun computerized testing.
  • Required advanced noticed for booking, and is available for all EPA sites
  • As above, but using Hanoun Standardized protocol

Both of the above are used to identify functional abilities to assist with:

  • Return of an employee after a leave from work to a modified and suitable work plan that matches their functional abilities
  • For clearance that a person is able to meet an comprehensive outline of functional requirements
  • For meeting the necessary WSIB or other Disability Claims management documentation of an employee’s objective functional abilities testing when dealing with unsuccessful return to work placements


3. Physical Demands Analysis: * * Typically conducted at the work site

Job site monitoring, observations and measurements to determine physical demands of a particular job. Includes a full report for future referencing.

Primarily used to:

  • Outline bona fide physical demands which are necessary for POET testing
  • Excellent resources for outlining ideal training regimes


4. Preferred Provider Reporting and Treatment:

Timely assessments within 48 hours of injury
Assessment with reporting to outline capabilities for modified work


5. Wellness seminar topics priced upon request of topics

Physiotherapy Focus:

  • Reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries – Knowing how to protect your body
  • How to Prevent Sleepless nights from Shoulder Pain
  • Keeping the Bulge Off – How much Exercise is enough?
  • Avoiding a Lifetime of Low Back Pain – What you can do to prevent reoccurrences
  • Proper Lifting techniques
  • Weekend Warrior
  • How to get Wellness into your Life
  • Physiotherapy and Breast Cancer
  • Physiotherapy and Osteoporosis

Nutrition Focus:

  • Nutrition and Bone Health
  • How Caffeinated Are You?
  • Nutrition and Bone Health Labels Uncovered
  • Eating on the Road

Work-Related Injuries (WSIB)

Clients seen through WSIB have access to the same services as all of other clients. We will assist you in gathering the necessary information for a successful WSIB claim, reducing any chance of out-of pocket expenses as a result of an unapproved claim. We will work closely with your employer and doctor so that you can have a successful and safe return to work. Please notify our administration upon booking that you are being funded through WSIB, and ensure that you have reported the work related injury to your employer.

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