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COVID Client and Staff Safety

Our clinic/staff are doing the following:
telephone screens at the time of booking
increased technology, allowing both new clients and old clients to book online with specific therapists
continuation of virtual physiotherapy as a primary means at preventing the spread of COVID
changes to our billing policy to reduce the number of points of contact and include:
payment will be taken over the phone, e-transfers at some clinics, or at the time of your appointment using touchless system
all services are paid in advance, and we will bill EHC on your behalf, with payment directed to the policy holder
our administrative staff are using a heightened cleaning protocol of all high touch point surfaces in each zone of the clinic, like waiting rooms, washrooms, etc

When you arrive to appt:
where possible, please arrive alone and only 5 mins prior to the appt
use washroom facilities at home to minimize traffic in the clinic
view the waiting room prior to entry to ensure that there is space for physical distancing
you will be directed to read the COVID screening questions posted
wear your own mask, visit the following link to learn how to properly put on and take off your mask:
sanitize your hands upon entry
we have limited waiting room chairs, if any all
our administrative team will be behind plexiglass and wearing masks
you will be directed to a dedicated treatment room/zone for you and your physiotherapist
your physiotherapist will be at minimum wearing a mask, and when appropriate further PPE will be utilized, like a face shield, gowns and gloves
your treatment session includes a heightened cleaning protocol of all high touch point contacts (contact) surfaces in your treatment room/zone
we will be (attempting to be) very diligent with our treatment time to ensure we are on time for each patient and allow for proper clinic flow.

Please visit the following link to see a video that walks you through the process when arriving for an appointment at the clinic:

OPEN JUNE 1st for IN PERSON treatments. Existing clients can book online by choosing their clinic location page and click BOOK ONLINE action or call their clinic. We look forward to working with you again.Book Now