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Pregnancy and Beyond – Motherhood Program

You have decided that this is the time to transition into the role of a mother and for a lot of women the reality is you will be wearing many hats and that change is on the horizon.

Some women feel like a new wonderful person in the early stages of pregnancy and other women wonder how they are going to get through the next 9+ months. Expecting moms can be dealing with:

  • Fertility challenges
  • Waves of fatigue/sleep deprivation
  • Nausea
  • Worry that they are not eating appropriately for the new “two”.

As your body changes you realize that you cannot simply “do” the things you used to.

  • Why is getting out of car or chair suddenly giving you sharp back pains?
  • Are you dreading the first couple steps of walking?
  • Are you are wondering, “am I doing too much?” or “should I really be exercising the same way I used to?”

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