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Low Back Pain Blog

Low Back Pain is a complaint that changes people’s lives, leaving those people wondering if their life will ever return to normal. If you are a sufferer of Low Back Pain, dive deeper into this blog and see how Eramosa Physiotherapy can help you get back to normal.

Pelvic Health Blog

Most individuals who experience pelvic pain suffer in isolation and are often hesitant to disclose their concerns for fear of the unknown or the likely pelvic examination. Pelvic pain is most often caused by dysfunctions like: tightening and/or shortening of the pelvic floor...

Concussion Blog

If a serious fall or blow to the head occurs, tell someone! The first step is to recognize that you may have sustained a concussion. While concussion symptoms can range from a headache to loss of consciousness to amnesia prior to or after the event, it is important to get...
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