Successful Training Enhancement Program - STEP

“Helping you succeed with your first step towards a healthy lifestyle”

The STEP is a unique health experience where your wellness is evaluated through an integrated analysis of fitness, overall health, risk factors, nutrition and mental performance levels. Our program includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals: Registered Physiotherapists, Registered Dietitians and Performance Coaches who will help you succeed at the performance level you desire.

Registered Physiotherapists carry out individualized assessments to:
  1. Determine your goals for fitness, performance and enhanced training
  2. Measure your fitness level
  3. Develop a personalized fitness regime which addresses your previous injuries, general health and your overall goals for a safe and successful training program
  4. Increase your energy, stamina, strength and fitness
  5. Train efficiently and train correctly – Train for your body
Registered Physiotherapists bring more than personal training to your sessions. A physiotherapist’s approach encompasses your past, present and potential future general health concerns for a more comprehensive, yet safe, STEP to better health.

Further collaboration with our Mental Performance Coaches will identify any ongoing barriers to exercise or other obstacles to overcome during your STEP towards a healthy lifestyle. A physiotherapy-driven advantage training program is developed with you, ensuring that you are confident and educated.

Your STEP process is completed by individualized sessions with our Registered Dietitians who:
  • Develop a personalized eating plan
  • Help you discover quick meals and snacks
  • Improve your metabolism & decrease cravings
  • Achieve measurable results
Your program is designed for you, and can be uniquely arranged to meet your personal goals. Our STEP process consists of:

An initial consultation with your Registered Physiotherapist, Mental Performance Coach and Registered Dietitian

A one-month commitment will involve:
  • 6 physiotherapy training sessions
  • 2 consultations with the Registered Dietitians
  • A follow-up consultation and home program development with your physiotherapist and mental performance coach
  • An annual review with all of your team providers
For more information about our STEP program, please call our Health and Performance Centre site: 516-767-5011

Fee Summary:
1. Physiotherapy STEP Program $950
  • Initial, Final and Annual Consultations
  • Includes your physiotherapy and mental performance sessions
  • Includes 6 physiotherapy training sessions (billed $80/visit)*
  • Program cost eligible for physiotherapy benefits
  • Additional STEP training sessions are available for $80/session
2. Registered Dietitian STEP Program: $400
  • Initial and Annual Consultation
  • Includes 2 individualized interim consultation visits ($95 a visit)
  • Program cost eligible for Registered Dietitian benefits


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