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Keeping You in the Game - KLIPP

Our KLIPP Program has been adapted specifically toward the prevention of ACL injuries and has been shown to significantly reduce non-contact ACL injuries. 4,6  It consists of a warm-up, stretching, strengthening, plyometrics, agilities and a cool down to address potential deficits in the strength and co-ordination of the stabilizing muscles around the knee joint.

It is important that proper technique is used during all of the exercises. Coaches and trainers need to emphasize correct posture, straight up and down jumps without excessive side-to-side movement, and reinforce soft landings.

The program should be completed 3 times a week and should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete, with a cool down to follow.  Alongside each exercise a box has been provided showing the approximate amount of time that should be spent on each activity.

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 Prevent Groin Injury with GRIPP

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A program design specifically to aid in the prevention of initial and recurrant groin injuries.

Groin strains are one of the most common ice-hockey injuries and the majority of groin injuries do not result from contact. Learn how to prevent.



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