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Fit to Move

A Lifestyle Assessment

Measure Up
Our skilled physiotherapists will help identify if you are at risk of injury by using scientifically proven measurement tools. Specific waist and hip measurements, weight, height, family history and lifestyle will indicate what category of risk you are in.

Team Approach
A successful Fit to Move Lifestyle Assessment means putting together a complete team. Consult with your physiotherapist for our Fit to Move program.

  • Your physiotherapist, through your Fit to Move Lifestyle Assessment, will identify any safety concerns, such as blood pressure and heart rate during exercise, as well as any unique exercise needs that may be necessary for you
  • Your assessment will also include a complete nutritional information session to help you evaluate your dietary habits
  • Your physiotherapist will share their findings with important members of your healthcare team, including your family doctor and/or personal trainer
This service is eligible under those insurance plans that would normally cover physiotherapy.


  Fit to Move - A Lifestyle Assessment
This first step of the program begins with a 60-minute assessment with your physiotherapist. On your follow-up visit, they will further evaluate your safety measures during exercise. In addition, a complete nutritional information session is scheduled at your convenience. Once you are cleared by the screening assessments, and you receive your personal heart rate monitor, pedometer and home tracking journal, you’re ready to start!
The Fit to Move Lifestyle assessment for heart disease and diabetes is divided into several stages:
  • 3 times per week for 4 weeks: 40 minute exercise sessions where heart rate, blood pressure and perceived exertion are individually monitored**
  • 3 times per week for 4 weeks: 60 minute exercise sessions where you are supervised to independently monitor your safety features
  • nutritional information session* with take-home information to review the your dietary habits and a follow-up telephone consultation
*where available the nutritional session will be provided by a registered dietician, however, individualized dietary assessmentand planning is available outside of the physiotherapy program

**Individuals who are safe and chose to participate in the home based Lifelong Fitness stage may be discharged

Checking In

Checking In
When you reach the fourth week of your program, your physiotherapist will assess your progress and address any concerns you may have. A nutritional telephone conference will clarify any dietary considerations. In order to help you successfully move into an independent home program, your home tracking journal will be reviewed and further recommendations will be made.


Lifelong Fitness
At the completion of your program, your specific exercise targets and safety precautions will be reviewed. You will be given a Lifelong Fitness exercise program to enable a successful transition into an independent program. A Fit to Move Completion Letter will be sent to your family doctor, as well as to your other healthcare providers. Your success depends on your ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

After you have been working independently for 3 months, you will receive another confidence check letter. Should any problems have arisen that have prevented you from continuing with your Lifelong Fitness program, we will welcome you back for a follow-up.