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About Us

  The Health and Performance Centre (HPC) offers a wide range of diagnostic, rehabilitation and health promotion services and has been serving Guelph and the its university for the past five years.

We offer specific specialized programs related to the shoulder and low back as well as massage therapy. In addition to the care of acute and overuse injuries, our multidisciplinary approach caters to the patient whose desired level of activity is curtailed due to a variety of injuries. The centre boasts one of Guelph's finest isokinetic machines, and this machine is available for any of our patients at the HPC.

Our physiotherapists are privileged to work hand in hand with many of the HPC professionals, particularly the sports medicine physicians. The EPA physiotherapists at this site also participate in monthly discussions around excellence in all aspects of care; as a result of our affiliation, EPA's research information and professional interactions are transferred to all of our locations.



Jacqueline Sinkeldam,BSc Hon (PT), BSc Hon (HK), FCAMT, Senior Partner
Jackie has successfully completed all of her short advanced manual therapy courses and subsequent exams to obtain her diploma in Intermediate Manual Therapy - Part A Therapist.She is a clinical instructor for McMaster University and continues to be involved with ongoing research projects through both McMaster and the University of Guelph. Her areas of clinical interest are the back and the shoulder.She is certified in female urinary incontinence, and has developed the osteoporosis program as part of EPA's Women's Health Program.




Brett Lyons,BSc (PT), FCAMPT, MMT, Registered Physiotherapist Manager
A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Western Australia, Brett has studied Acupuncture (Level 1) and Manual Therapy. His clinical interests lie in shoulder, back, knee, ankle, ACL and surgery rehabilitation, sport injuries, including hockey and soccer, concussion management and low back core stability training. A local Guelph resident, Brett has worked with a number of teams, both on and off-field training

 alt Larissa Sproul,BSc (PT), BSc Hon (KIN), Registered Physiotherapist
Larissa joined the Health and Performance Centre site of Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates in January 2006. She received her Physiotherapy degree from the University of Toronto after completing her Kinesiology degree form the University of Waterloo. She has trained with the AFCI to enable her to treat clients with Acupuncture, and is pursing her Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy level courses. Larissa enjoys treating a variety of injuries with a keen interest in the shoulder, knee, and athletic rehabilitation.
 alt Denise Mortley,BSc Hon (HK), MSc (PT), Reg (PT) FCAMPT, Registered Physiotherapist
A graduate of the University of Guelph and McMaster University, Denise is proficient in Acupuncture (Level 1) and Manual Therapy (Level 2 & 3). She has a strong personal training background, with a clinical interest in sport injuries and surgery rehabilitation. A local resident, Denise had the privilege to work with the Senior Women’s Highland Rugby organization as one of their trainers. Denise has successfully completed her Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy Examinations.
alt Lisa Geddes, Registered Physiotherapist B.Sc.(P.T)
Lisa is a graduate from the University of Toronto she has worked with recreational to National level athletes at the HPC since 2005. She is a proud member of EPA and is a Guelph Youth Soccer Coach. Her clinical interests are shoulder, hip, knee and re-training postural awareness.


Shannon Clutton, Registered Physiotherapist MPT,Hons, B Kin
A graduate from University of Western Ontario. Shannon's clinical interest include – Back, Sport Injuries, Acupuncture, Women’s Health, Low back core stability training, Pilates, Breast Cancer. Shannon grew up in Guelph, past volunteer at the Health and Performance Centre, continues with ballet classes locally over 2 decades of dance experience and growing interest in dance-related injuries; volunteer experiences and completed courses related to rehab techniques during/following breast cancer diagnosis and treatment 
alt Jason Smith, M.Sc.(PT), BA Hon (Kin), CSEP-CPT, Registered Physiotherapist
Jason graduated from McMaster University, he has gained his Level 2 Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Release Certification. He is a certified Personal Trainer. His clinical experience includes concussion management and STEP Program at the University of Guelph HPC. He previously worked as a trainer for the University of Western Ontario Mens basketball team, the London Blue Devil Jr B Lacrosse Team. His clinical interests include shoulder, knee, sport injuries and concussion management.
 alyse hodgins Alyse Hodgins B.A.Kin., M.Sc(PT),MCPA Registered Physiotherapist
Aly graduated with her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2010 from McMaster University.  She also completed her Sports Physiotherapy Fellowship in 2013 at Fowler Kennedy in London where she worked with many Western University varsity sports teams.. She has a background in Kinesiology and personal training as well as coaching youth athletes. Aly has furthered her education by completing her Level 3 Upper Manual Therapy course, Level 1 acupuncture course and a Concussion Management course.  She is proficient in atheltic taping and therapeutic taping. Her areas of interest include the knee, ankle and neck as well as any sporting injuries including concussion.

Unique Programs

  We are pleased to the offer these Unique Programs in addition to our regular physiotherapy treatment. Click on the links below for more information.

Motor Vehicle Accident Program
Employee Wellness
Women's Health - Osteoporosis
Women's Health - Post Partum For Life