Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates

 Clarify. Collaborate. Treat. Discharge.


Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates (EPA), are a group of physiotherapist owned and driven orthopaedic clinics in and around Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Eramosa Physio’s first site in Guelph was established in May of 1997. Our clinical expertise and client service have evolved into our unique process: Your Path to Improved Health

Over the last 14 years, our Guelph location alone serves more than 140 physicians in the community. We have been active with local orthopaedic surgeons, sport physicians and specialists to develop leading post operative programs and sport injury prevention and performance programs. We have an excellent rapport with family physicians, surgeons and other healthcare providers. This relationship allows us to openly discuss treatment, observe surgeries and collaborate on our patient’s health concerns. This enables us to provide you with the best possible treatment options.

At any Eramosa Physiotherapy Associates (EPA), we guarantee that our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing the most recent and evidence-based treatments available. Our belief in excellence carries throughout everything we do; manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. Our clinic mandate requires that all physiotherapists complete their advanced manual therapy exams. For this reason, our physiotherapists boast some of the highest skills in manual therapy. If you as a client want your service by a provider who breeds clinical excellence, then we are your choice.


To provide evidence based physiotherapy.
To emphasize manual and exercise therapy.
To maintain communication lines between all health care providers._

Our affiliation with the University of Guelph’s Health and Performance Site (HPC) has allowed us to participate in formal research projects, scrutinize the scientific literature in order to develop relevant and evidence based injury prevention programs like our GRIPP (Groin Injury Prevention Program – For Hockey Players), KLIPP (Knee Ligament Injury Prevention Program – For Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and Volleyball players) and our newest SHIPP program(Shoulder Injuries Prevention Program – For Overhead athletes like swimmers, pitchers and throwing) . We have also had the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of some of our specialized programs; our shoulder program was found to have a 93% success rate for patient satisfaction over a three-year period. This research has driven comprehensive outcome measures to be used with all of our patients to monitor and challenge our treatment outcomes.